The RISE of DevOps: Certificate

There are lots of definition of DevOps out there and all are well defined. And as everyone says DevOps is not a new species in IT industries, it already exist out there somewhere in your industries.  You have to just collect it, brush it and make it sine by getting all pieces together.

And I realize  this when i was taking DevOps course..while going through the courses It took me flash back and then I realize , this is not a new things we are gonna do..this is the things which we are already doing or practicing on daily basis. Only difference is that we are not doing this together taking all the departments or division on same journey…

And at the end of course, it taught me, this DevOps revolution will be successful only when all teams are working together, respect each other, are customer oriented and having same goal and vision of an organization.. in simple word its a Culture and Professional movement… And I called it  “THE RISE OF DEVOPS“.

Thank you DevOps Institute for designing this Course and finally  I am Proud DevOps certificate Holder…thanks ITSM Zone for course contents..and BIG thanks to all Team members of Dev and Ops division of SGIS for their inspiration and guidance.

Through this posts I will be sharing my learning and practices of DevOps…So Stayed tune  to THE RISE OF DEVOPS 🙂

DevOps Foundation Certification