Unattained Installation of Team Visual Studio 2012

Before we start our Silent Installation of Visual Studio 2012. We have to take care of few as mention below:
2.       Create a copy of AdminDeployment.xml (to serve as backup in case any unwanted changes occur in original file)
3.        Change value of attribute NoWeb=”default” to NoWeb=”yes” in AdminDeployment.xml. See the highlighted section.
<admindeploymentcustomizations dmindeployment="dmindeployment" http:="http:" schemas.microsoft.com="schemas.microsoft.com" wix="wix" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2011/AdminDeployment


<admindeploymentcustomizations dmindeployment="dmindeployment" http:="http:" schemas.microsoft.com="schemas.microsoft.com" wix="wix" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2011/AdminDeployment


3. Copy CHANGED AdminDeployment.xml into packages sub-folder of SOURCE FOLDER.
Now the below Script will do the magic to installed VS2012 in Silent, Unattained mode.
@echo off
echo ========================================================
set application=Visual Studio 2012 Premium
SET sourceLocation=D:\VS2012Premium\
SET setupFile=%sourceLocation%vs_premium.exe
SET adminFile=%sourceLocation%AdminDeployment.xml
SET logFileLocation=”D:\Logs\Installations\vs2012_premium.log”
echo Installing %application% ….
echo SourceLocation=%sourceLocation%
echo setupFile=%setupFile%
echo adminFile=%adminFile%
echo logLocation=%logFileLocation%
IF EXIST “%setupFile%” goto run
echo sourceLocation doesnot exist
goto end
echo running installation file…..
“%setupFile%” /adminfile “%adminFile%” /quiet /norestart
                ECHO instalation done SUCCESSFULLY.
) ELSE (
                ECHO instalation FAILED. ERROR LEVEL %ERRORLEVEL%.
echo ========================================================

Enable Sound when Breakpoint is hit in Visual Studio 2010

It is really interesting and funny to let Visual studio make sound or give some signal that it hit break point.

So here is the tips to do the same. I have done this in windows 7 machine. Might be for other OS setting would be different.

First look at the below snap shot.

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Click on Hardware and Sound. A different window appears.
3. On new popup window click on Change System sounds. A different pop window would appear, refer above snap shot.
4. Select sound tab and scroll down to Microsoft Visual Studio.
5. Select Break point Hit.
6. Now select your desired sound from Sounds drop down menu.
7. Click on Apply and then ok.

Now you are ready to hear the Hit sound, whenever visual studio would hit the breakpoint.

Happy Debugging.


Md. Jawed


Unit Testing Framework and Type of Assert.

Few days back i had prepared a presentation about Unit Testing Framework and Type of assert in MStest.

which i have collected from ms website.
i had arranged all this in images formates so that it would be easy to access.
Thought to share the same with all of you!!
Happy Reading!!

Slide 1: The Title

Slide 2: Unit Testing Framework

Slide 3: Attributes Used to Establish a Calling Order
Slide 4: Assert Type
Slide 5:StringAssert Type

Slide 5: CollectionAssert Type

Slide 6: The End

Your Comments are always welcome!!
Md. Jawed 

What ia dumb file and how to capture it.

A nice article to read about What is a dump, and how do I create one?

i found this while surfing..so thought to share with all of you!!


Using Visual studio you can capture the Dump file also.
make sure that under Debuge the Save Dump As menu item is added in visual atudio. if not then follow the below steps to add this menu item:

a. Select Tools -> Customize

b. Select the Commands tab

c. Select Debug from the Menu bar dropdown

d. Click Add Command…

e. Select Debug from the Categories list.

f. Find the Save Dump As entry in the Commands window.

g. Click OK (the Save Dump As… command is added to the top of the Debug menu).

h. Click Close

You can use the following steps to get a mini dump file:

1. Start Visual Studio.

2. Start another instance of VS.

3. In the second instance click Tools
Attach to Process…

4. In the list of processes locate devenv.exe.

5. Click Select… and explicitly choose ‘Native’ and ‘Managed’ code.

6. Click OK and OK to close Select dialog and Attach to Process dialog.

7. Go back to the first instance of VS and repro the crash\hang.

8. Upon the crash\hang, control should go to the second instance of VS.

9. In the second instance click Debug
Save Mini Dump (without heap).