Tracker Response files not found (Tracker.exe)

Few Days Back while building one of the project we were getting below error continuously.

On looking in to msdn we finally got the workaround solution for this issue.


Edit the build definition (Team Explorer => solution => builds => (select your build definition) right click Edit Build Definition => Process (on left) => 3. Advanced => under MSBuild Arguments paste the following:



Here are words from MSBuild Developer from Microsoft.

The trigger for the error is that the GenerateResource task must be run during the build in such a way that we embed FileTracker (a tool we have been using for up-to-date check) in the process itself — when targeting 4.0, when targeting 3.5 on a 32-bit machine, or when targeting 3.5 on a 64-bit machine when running 64-bit MSBuild.

To work around the error, you can either set TrackFileAccess=false, as has already been observed, or if you’re on a 64-bit machine and targeting 3.5 exclusively, the error should also go away if you start using 32-bit MSBuild instead.

TrackFileAccess=false works around the error by turning off the use of FileTracker; the downside is that that means the you will no longer be able to use FileTracker-based up-to-date check, so your VS 2010 C++ projects and your GenerateResource task invocations will now always build, even when there have been no changes — the latter generally causing a cascading rebuild for the managed compilers as well, since they consume the .resources files.

Sara Joiner
Developer, MSBuild

For more Info you can visit below links.

Feel free to provide your comments and suggestion.
MD. Jawed


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