How to Read File Name from Pen/Removable derives using C#

How to Read Data from Pen/Removable derives using C#

In this post I would love to explain about how to read data or files from Removal derives/Pen drives etc.
Let me explain the scenario where I need this code to execute my automation.
Actually there was a scenario where I need to take the screen shot of the printer panel or web page and I have to compare that screen shot with predefined images stored in removal derives or pen drives.

Then let me share the code snippet which I have used to execute my purpose.
Public string getFilelocation(string imagename)
//go through all the driver
foreach (DriveInfo drive in DriveInfo.GetDrives())
//check whether the driver is readonly or not
if (drive.IsReady)
//verify that the deriver is removable only
if (drive.DriveType.ToString() == “Removable”)
//read the contents of the removable drive
//check whether folder exit or not
if (Directory.Exists(drive.Name + “DCIM\\100HPAIO“))
//get the path of the folder
driverPath = drive.Name + “DCIM\\100HPAIO”;
//get all the files available in that folder
string[] fileNames = Directory.GetFiles(driverPath);
if (fileNames.Length > 0)
foreach (string filepath in fileNames)
String imageName= Path.GetFileName(filepath);
retrun filepath;

} //end of checking file path in USB


return “FileNot Found”;

catch (Exception ex)

return ex.Message;

Hope that would be useful.
Md. Jawed


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